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Meet the UTU Fund

A Fund aligned with global challenges and aspirations.

The Utu Social Impact Investment Fund aims to work within an identified need for long-term sustainable investments in community development and aligned with increased demand for minerals and space for the renewable energy revolution.

Utilizing the latest participatory technologies and methodologies for the successful negotiations and implementation of Impact Benefit Agreements (IBAs) between companies and impacted communities, the Fund is able to unlock private investments in community development at scale while also ensuring that ESG standards are met, cleaning supply chains of critical natural resources.

How does it work?

Environmental, Social and Governance Practices

ESG and Sustainable Relations with the Communities

In a world where environmental and social guidelines have become an essential part of any business and where corporate governance needs to include transparency and responsibility, one of the greatest challenges for companies is the establishment of sustainable relationships with communities and territories within which they operate.

The UTU Fund provides a long-term sustainable alternative, which guarantees balanced relationships, but also the effective use of community investments.

Legal and Regulatory Frameworks

Guided by Global Principles and Standards

The UTU Fund seeks to dialogue with legal and regulatory frameworks that are considered good practices internationally. These include ILO Convention 169, the IFC/World Bank Equator Principles and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Integrated Strategy

Our Diamond methodology for Social Impact

By identifying and organizing the different components necessary for communities to fully engage and take control of their future, the diamond methodology allows for directed and parallel actions at critical points. For each of the components specific participatory methodologies and instruments are applied in an integrated process that takes up to two years.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable positive impact for the communities

The Fund orients the measurement of its impacts with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition to its social impact goals, the Fund will target clear, ambitious biodiversity and climate goals associated with improved land management and protection, restoration of vital habitats, and conservation of resources.

The partner communities to the Fund are recognized to be among the most effective ecosystem managers of large natural areas such as the Amazon basin, other forest biomes in Latin America, savanna’s and wetlands.

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